Who is NOW Basketball?

NOW Basketball, as known as Network Of Women in Basketball, is an organized and diversified non-for-profit basketball organization. Driven by a commitment to women’s sports development, we have attracted almost a hundred women from all over the Asian community to our club. They are from China, Philippine, Japan and Vietnam. NOW is committed to providing a platform to all women who love basketball and building a friendly basketball environment for our members.

What do we offer?


  • We hold women’s basketball leagues
Starting from this year, NOW will hold women’s basketball leagues annually together with OBA (Oversea Basketball Association). Aiming to promote women’s basketball development, NOW has advertised different basketball activities to members including 3 on 3 Tournament, regular Friday night workout and so on. Basketball league is a new channel which commit both competitiveness and entertainment for all the members.


  • We provide drop-in and basketball lessons
NOW has two available drop-in time slots per week, Monday evening and Friday evening. Join us after work or school and enjoy basketball time with friends. We have groups in two levels, competitive and recreational in order to meet different members needs. Don’t worry if you are not interested in games. We also offer half-court basketball teaching for women who want to learn and improve basketball skills.


  • We promote girls’ basketball development


  • We host social events